Are you a service based business owner suffering from Impostor Syndrome?

Are you tired to leave money on the table because your doubts make you play small?


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I’m Nicoletta Mura,

Confidence and Leadership Coach for purpose-driven women.

I apply my expertise in career development and leadership to help service-based business owners banish their impostor syndrome and develop their confidence and assertiveness, removing the limiting beliefs that are impacting their performance and growth.

My clients have something important to say and they want to be able to do it without faking confidence.

They are over the "fake it until you make it", they want to MAKE IT.
I help them to identify and leverage their unique strengths, develop strong boundaries and get rid of the confidence gap that has been holding them back so far.


“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” ― Audre Lorde

Imagine what the world would look like with more women in charge.

More women running companies. More women making policies. More women leading conversations. More women changing how society operates, from the inside out.

We know that when more women become leaders or make key decisions, our companies and communities work better.

The world needs women like you.

Would you like to feel confident in your expertise?

But what’s stopping us from taking our seat at the table?

As women, we tend to underestimate our abilities. To shy away from that big client because we think we aren’t ready. To stay silent instead of raising our hand.

Our lack of confidence means we miss out on opportunities. And we settle for less than the dream business we know, deep down, we deserve.

I’m here to empower more women with the confidence to succeed.

Stop hiding. Start achieving.

Let’s build success on your terms

feeling that you deserve it.

But right now things might look like this:

  • You feel like a fraud even when you’re successful

  • You receive a negative comment and you obsess over it for hours, if not days

  • You wonder when people will ‘find out’ that you’re not that good after all

  • You don’t like selling or promoting yourself as you feel pushy or sleazy

  • You don’t say what you truly think because you worry about other people’s opinion of you

  • You want to be independent but also to be liked… and it’s not working out

  • You can’t establish healthy boundaries and end up doing too many things for others… and regret it

This is how you can work with me to banish your Impostor Syndrome and CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS once and for all:

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Slay The Impostor Syndrome

1:1 coaching programme designed to take you from doubting yourself and missing opportunities to serve your clients to owning your expertise and charging the right amount for it!

Designed to create intensive rapid transformation for women who are truly ready to invest and work at a deep level.



You haven’t come this far to only come this far…