About ME

I worked for the past six years as Team Manager for an international entertainment company and, before that, I worked for a luxury airline company (yes, I miss the discounted travelling!!). I've always been ambitious, even in school, so I developed my confidence, assertiveness and organisation skills focusing especially towards career advancement and I performed consistently at a high level in a hectic and changing competitive environment.  I helped many employees to achieve their career goals and one thing they all had in common is that they were often missing confidence in their own abilities and the awareness of their strengths. Women, especially, struggled in that area and they required additional support and structure to gain the assertiveness to ace an interview or to gain visibility for their merits, ideas, projects.

These issues weren't limited to the work environment and I myself, now and then, need a reminder of what I'm capable to achieve and what I have already done so far. At times, I felt caught up too much in the corporate world to pay attentions to my needs and I risked getting burned out. I knew I have still so much more to offer and the part of my job that I enjoyed the most was helping others achieve their dream career or find a good balance between work and life outside of the office and that's why I became a certified life-coach! I specialized on confidence, happiness and life purpose coaching as these are the topics I'm most passionate about. I'm currently completing a NLP  and CBT trainings as I never stop learning and improving my skills :) 

 I want to share my experience helping you balancing a busy life with self-care, building assertiveness and confidence to work towards your dreams and to build the life that you want.

Poise to Shine is born from my wish for every woman to be confident enough to let her true self shine through without limits, guilt or regrets. It's easy to get side tracked by life and busyness but self-care should always come first. We can succeed while remaining aligned to our values.

I hope you’ll find the content I offer useful to help you find balance, confidence and a becoming a star at planning and prioritizing your needs! Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter with the form below and to join my Facebook Group so you'll be included in exclusive content and free bonuses. You discovered a community of women supporting each other with kindness, understanding and truthfulness. <3


FUN FACTS about me

I was my very first client, overcoming my confidence and anxiety issues.

I love dogs and I have a Cavalier King Charles, she's a princess!

I live on caffeine. Take everything but not my coffee. I would be dangerous.

I'm a huge geek and I love playing videogames and reading sci-fi books.

As kid, I pronounced the letter R as L until first year of primary school. I became a master in avoiding words with the letter R!

I’m passionate about Korean culture and I watch plenty of Korean dramas (tv shows) on Netflix and Drama Fever. Addicted to laughing and crying at the same time!

 My faithful microphone &lt;3 I use it for live videos on FB and recording courses! Whoop Whoop!

My faithful microphone <3 I use it for live videos on FB and recording courses! Whoop Whoop!