Ladies... it's here!

The source of all my fear, temper tantrums, absolute highs (and occasional drowning of sorrows in large glasses of vino!). I dreamed about this same email last night, vividly coming up with words and ways to announce this opportunity to you! I got up and here I am, writing this down!!

I'm FINALLY offering a Confidence Bootcamp!

It's BIG. It's hairy. It's like the tarantula of self-confidence... but it's designed to get results and make big changes to sensitive women and their ability to show up as their best selves in the world. If you want to work with someone who understands what you’re going through because she went through the same challenges and fears and awkward feelings of not being good enough, not smart enough, not thin enough… and came through to the other side, the one where she is still the same person with fears and worries but those worries are not stopping her, they are used as FUEL for her passion and her work and they are not holding her back anymore!

Now I'm not going to get technical but just know that this has been designed with sensitive and ambitious women in mind who are:

- Ready to show up as confident and enthusiastic women with a clear understanding of their top strengths and how to use them in business, relationships and family.
- Who are ready to commit to hard work and simple confidence and self-awareness techniques: I'm not teaching fluffy recipes - just authentic, simple confidence methods that actually work.
- Ready to trust a Confidence Coach who is prepared to invest her ALL in SIX women to see their confidence soar and watch their lives grow overnight.

What I'm promising:

- My complete commitment to these women to hit the goals that they want to achieve.
- A month of Voxer support (voice and text Mon-Fri from 9 to 5)
- A Confidence Bootcamp that will ROCK your world - and your confidence (in a good way!).
- The confidence techniques that I used to earn a promotion every single year as manager - and the methods that allowed me to create my own business overcoming fear and doubt. All whilst staying true to my quirky, Italian makeup-addicted self.

I'm open to SIX action takers. Six women who are ready to discover their strengths and abilities and who are ready to create a huge legacy in the world by sharing their talents.

If any of that sounds like you - I want you to jump in. And because it's the first round, I've made a special intro offer that you won't want to miss.

I know that this offer is a GAME CHANGER - and because I'm SO confident that I'll get results, I've even added some pretty freaking awesome extras. Read more below!

About the Bootcamp

First of all, it's called a Bootcamp because it will be INTENSIVE and focused over four weeks.
No more waiting around for months to see a visible change in your confidence and your outlook. You are going to get there FAST (if you do the work! <3).

We will go in-depth through the following major topics and apply them to your experience and here below you can see a quick overview of what we will cover during our course.

- Re-framing Failure: failure as a lesson, identifying limiting beliefs and how to overcome them

- Frenemy Forever: discover the themes of your negative self-talk, self-awareness and tools to take advantage of your inner monologue instead of suffering its nagging and doubts

- Discover Your Strengths: certified strengths analysis (top 5 strengths), how to use them and implement them to build confidence (this is a huge game changer!!!)

- Rewrite Your Story: key events in your past history, understanding how to tell your story and how to rewrite it in a way that serves you better!

This would already be a full Bootcamp and you WILL walk away feeling empowered and eager to apply your newly found strengths to your life!!

However, because I'm so frikking excited about this offer, I am adding 2 additional 1to1 sessions to ensure you get the personal attention you need during this process! What does it mean??

You will start and conclude the program with a 30 minutes individual coaching session! In this way I am sure you will get plenty of chances to have all your questions answered, to discuss specific issues to your situation and overall get the extra boost to this confidence rocket!!
I used this same system and it opened for me a world of awareness and possibilities, I want the same for you!

We’ll start on the 18th of February with 1to1s starting from the 7th!

Reserve your spot ASAP below with a fantastic price! 

Full payment of € 147

Two payments of € 75