You have the dreams, you have the ambition, you’re not afraid of working hard.

It’s about time you play bigger and show the world your value!

What do you need to make it happen? A deep confidence in your strengths.

Strengths that not only feel natural for you but that are also in full alignment with your goals of business, influence and impact in 2019.




With practice, identifying your strengths is what will allow you to…

  • easily go for new opportunities without second-guessing if you qualify for them

  • be seen as the expert in your field, even if right now your competition seems tough

  • develop rock-solid confidence in your intrinsic value, at work and in your personal life

  • step into a personal brand that aligns with who you are and that will immediately project your message

  • consistently promote yourself without feeling sleazy or braggy but with ease and calm

  • create a network of peers and supporters who are eager to collaborate with you

  • master advocating for your value and wonder why you ever questioned it before

It all sounds good until…

  • You start getting all turned upside down, trying to be good at EVERYTHING (seriously, some people really seem to do it all!!)

  • Your “visibility strategy” is put off because you have no idea how to pitch your skills and successes… so you haven’t started yet.

  • You’re too afraid of negative feedback by family, friends or, even worse, yourself and you don’t know how to handle that blow!

  • You’re paralysed by overwhelm… and you decide to focus your efforts on less scary stuff like planning again what to do, getting another certificate or qualification, revamping your homepage.

Would you like to feel fired up and passionate?

But… you’re going in circles and asking yourself:

...How do I stop caring about what people might think about me?

...How do I stop feeling like a fraud even when I do well?

...How do I become more outgoing so I don’t miss out on opportunities?

...And how do I stay positive when the results are not coming yet?

If you are ready to stop staying hidden, to play big and learn how to become the most confident version of yourself…

The first step is to maximise your unique strengths.

Imagine the confidence you’ll have knowing without any shadow of doubt that you bring value to each client.

Imagine the clarity you’ll feel knowing exactly what are your unique talents and how to use them to level up your business.

Imagine the ease you’ll experience in achieving your goals as you’ll be operating in your zone of genius at all times.

I HAVE CREATED THE CONFIDENCE PLAYBOOK to show purpose-driven women entrepreneurs, just like you, how to leave self-doubts behind for good by embracing their strengths and owning their full potential.

Say goodbye to the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back so far!!

This program is designed to get fast results and make big changes for ambitious women and their ability to show up as their best selves in their business. If you want to work with someone who understands what you’re going through because she went through the same challenges and fears and awkward feelings of not being good enough, not smart enough, not thin enough… and came through to the other side, the one where those worries are used as FUEL for her passion and her work and they are not holding her back anymore, I’m the person you were looking for!

Your mindset is the compass that leads you to success.

The Confidence Playbook has been designed with hardworking and ambitious women in mind who are:

  • Ready to show up as confident and enthusiastic entrepreneurs with a clear understanding of their top strengths and how to use them to

    level up their business.

  • Ready to apply the lessons they’ll learn in confidence and self-awareness techniques. I'm not teaching fluffy recipes - just authentic and applicable methods that actually work. (see testimonials below, don’t take me at face value!)

  • Ready to trust a Coach who is prepared to invest her ALL in TEN women to see their confidence soar and watch their visibility grow overnight.

Ready to banish the impostor’ syndrome and to show up with confidence in your business?

In this 6-week program, you will learn how to…


Maximise Your Strengths

You have special skills and unique abilities. We will identify and leverage them so that you can build a success’ strategy based on your zone of genius. This approach will allow you to showcase your potential in a way that feels natural to you and gives you the BEST results.

look forward.png

Overcome The Confidence Gap

Your doubts and lack of self-confidence have been holding you back. You will learn easy and proven techniques to enhance your positive self-beliefs and banish the mind monkeys that make you doubt your capabilities and talent. These are skills that will accompany you for life and will allow you to play big in all areas, with a particular focus on your business.


Promote Yourself Authentically

Your self-worth plays a huge part in how you present yourself to the world. You are your own brand and you need to promote your work and results to gain the respect and recognition necessary to level up your business. The clarity you’ll gain about your strengths and the ability to overcome self-doubt will allow you to step into the spotlight with no hesitation and to communicate authentically with confidence.

“I have had several face to face sessions with Nicoletta and was so impressed and inspired by them. She is a great mixture of down to earth and easy to meet and .. highly inspiring. She helped me find the confidence I needed to start moving towards making the changes I was wanting and needing to make in my working life and she is still there beside me cheering me on. Thank you Nicoletta!” Helen B.

“I was very lucky to have met Nicoletta at a pivotal point in my career. She showed me the opportunities and tools to explore new opportunities, and monitored my progress closely, pushing me to develop my abilities and to extend my comfort zone.” Robin C.

We know it - more confidence = more opportunities

And those chances will not find you… if you’re not putting yourself out there consistently and promoting your services in the best possible way.

You deserve to be seen as the star player you already are. To feel confident that you’re getting in front of the people who need you the most.

And all you need is consistent leverage of your strengths to build your success in 2019.

You are enough. Your skills are enough. By working together, we’ll create a strategy to broadcast your efforts in a way that feels good to you.

No more doubts or excuses. Just hands-on guidance to help you go from hidden team player to leader of your field.

The key to develop your assertiveness and confidence is to do it from a place of safety, abundance and kindness.

I don’t believe in bullying ourselves as that doesn’t build lasting changes. Only a safe environment fosters lasting learning.

“Approachable and determined, Nico is a coach and leader you’ll never fail to enjoy interacting with if you like getting things done.” Doug F.


You can become confident in your abilities and able to promote yourself while still being who you really are. I’m living proof.

Let’s be clear. I wasn’t born confident.

I didn’t start out with an unshakeable belief in myself. I was always the quietest in grade school growing up in Italy. 

When I moved to the UK, I had to force myself out of my comfort zone every day. I wasn’t speaking my native language. I was constantly afraid of making mistakes.

But I chose to work through my fear instead of staying paralysed. So doors began to open for me professionally and personally. 

I learned that confidence isn’t something that “lucky” people have -- it’s accessible to all of us.

While working in a mostly male corporate environment, I consistently moved up the ranks in my company. I mastered my fears, became my best advocate, and achieved every goal I set for myself. 

In just 3 years, I went from soft-spoken and timid to managing a team of 25+ people in a Fortune 500 company.

I specialised in career development and prepared and supported numerous employees to progress and achieve their career goals.

My team had the highest rate of internal promotions of the whole site but I wasn’t stopping there. 

Eventually, I decided to focus on what fueled me every day to give my best, opening a coaching practice to share what I learned with other goal-oriented, action-takers women like you. 

Today, I teach ambitious women like you how to confidently advocate on your behalf to build the business of your dreams. 

With the right support, techniques and guidance, you can build up your confidence muscle. And get exactly what you want professionally.

I’m on a mission to close the confidence gap to see more purpose-driven women like you leading the way.

Isn’t it time you stepped into the success you know you, deep down, deserve?

You need The CONFIDENCE PLAYBOOK to learn how to show up as your most confident and successful version of yourself.

This is for you if you catch yourself saying any of these things…

  • I'm uncomfortable promoting myself

  • I don’t feel comfortable talking about my successes, it feels like bragging

  • I hate the thought of coming across as pushy

  • I worry too much about what others think about what I am doing

  • I still feel a bit of a fraud and I can't shake that feeling

You can develop a calm, inner confidence in just 6 weeks. I’ll show you how.

Here’s how The Confidence Playbook works:

Week 1-2: Identify Your Strengths (what they are and how to apply them)

First, we’ll get crystal clear on your zone of genius. We will use a professional assessment to discover your strengths and dig deeper into their application. That’s going to be your ANCHOR, something you can always go back to whenever things get confusing or overwhelming. You will know exactly how to use your baseline anchor to quiet the noise and show up with the fireworks.

You will learn how to use them in your daily life setting up a gradual application plan. You will also collect external feedback to discover untapped talents that others appreciate about you.

We will conclude this part creating a detailed blueprint of how you want to be seen and heard by the end of our course.

In exercises and weekly live office hours with me, I answer all your strengths and planning questions.

Week 3-4: Broadcast your message (what you show to the world and why)

It’s difficult to feel successful if your inner mind monkeys are having a field trip telling you negative things about yourself! In week 3 and 4 we’ll build the foundation of your self-confidence and assertiveness.

We’ll explore how you present yourself to the world, which limiting beliefs are holding you back and how to challenge them.

You’ll be able to recognise the difference between genuine concerns and irrational worries and with my guidance, you will challenge the beliefs you want to remove from your mindset.

We’ll continue to work on your strengths, planning ahead how to use them consistently to support your confidence enhancement and creating a strategic plan.

During exercises and weekly live office hours, I will help you apply the methods to challenge limiting beliefs and I’ll help you craft an applicable and effective strategy to banish impostor syndrome and apply to your business (and life!) what you’ve learned so far.

Week 5-6: Time for the spotlight (opportunities and feedback)

You will be ready to challenge yourself in ways aligned with your goals.  As a leader in your field, and personal brand, you’ll be an example for others. We will identify opportunities to establish yourself as an expert and “must-have” leveraging your strengths.

You will learn how to assert your ideas and needs with ease and with my guidance and the support of like-minded women, you will feel comfortable putting yourself out there and becoming more visible to your target audience.

We will practice together how you broadcast your message to the world and compare the progress you made from the previous weeks to this stage of the course.

This is also the time where you’ll actively engage with opportunities and seek out feedback. We’ll cover how to manage feedback while keeping your confidence intact.

By the end of week 6, you will be ready to play BIG without hesitation or self-doubt and have a plan on how to do it. You will own your ambition and be your own advocate while staying true to yourself.

In exercises and weekly live office hours, I will assist you when stepping outside of your comfort zone, help you polish your confident communication and review your final strategic plan.

Develop the confidence you need

to build the success you want.

Leveraging your strengths, you will advocate confidently for yourself and reach your vision of success.

“Nicoletta’s 1:1 programme has been inspiring and she has been so generous with her time and provided a warm friendly environment where I felt safe to express myself. I decided to change industry and Nico helped me to prepare for it. I’m feeling awesome now!” Claire M.

“I have had several face to face sessions with Nicoletta and was so impressed and inspired by them. She is a great mixture of down to earth and easy to meet and .. highly inspiring. She helped me find the confidence I needed to start moving towards making the changes I was wanting and needing to make in my working life and she is still there beside me cheering me on. Thank you Nicoletta!” Helen B.


  • A scientific and proven assessment to identify your strengths

  • The methods and techniques to challenge limiting beliefs, identify priorities and enhance self-worth

  • Weekly exercises to keep you focused and on track to maximise your strengths and develop your unique confident voice tailored to your business.

  • Members-only community for feedback from me and others going through the course with you

  • 6 live group Q&A calls (1x/week)

  • 6 weeks of 2x/week M-F review of your progress and exercises by Nico

  • 1 week of email support from Nico post-course (which can be used within 6 months from the course)

Grab one of only 10 spots inside The Confidence Playbook, and multiply your business results

for just one payment of 597€


  • A 1:1 call with me before you dive into the course (60 min)

  • A recording of our 1:1 call for you to refer back to

  • Immediate access to the private course group + exercises

  • Office Hour call vault from current Confidence Playbook participants

  • Daily updates from me inside the Confidence Playbook members-only group

  • BONUS #1: Access to my Speak With Confidence mini-course


I’ve bought tons of online programs and courses - what makes the Confidence Playbook different?

Look, we have all been there. I’ve bought MANY thousands of dollars of courses, coaching, live events, etc. And you know what? Not all of them felt worth it. So I definitely understand that you want to make sure this is the right fit. And I’m not here to get you to sell your TV or your puppy to join this programme.

Unfortunately what happens most of the time, is that we’ll invest in programs that are too advanced for where we are or don’t help us to get the results we need right now. So all those times when you bought that personal branding course/ public speaking webinar/ influence people book when your desire was to advance your business feeling comfortable in who you are, as you are?

Well, they might come in handy someday but without removing your limiting beliefs and identifying your strengths, you won’t be able to use any of them effectively.

The Confidence Playbook, on the other hand, is only designed to help you identify and leverage your strengths so you can enhance your professional confidence. That’s it.

There are other bonuses that come with completing the course: confidence in your ability to assert yourself, a solid understanding of how to promote yourself effectively, a group of people who have your back for life, a great referral network… the list goes on.

But my PRIMARY focus is to make sure that you feel confident to operate from your zone of genius while being true to yourself. The end.

I can invest in the Confidence Playbook… but I’m nervous that I won’t make my ROI back. Can you guarantee that I will?

No. I say it bluntly because in all honesty, I have 1000000% confidence in the program, strategies and the results that I’ve generated for ambitious career-focused and business women across 9 industries. But the Confidence Playbook works best for those who are willing to put the work in. Cliche as it sounds, it only works if YOU do.

So if you’re someone who believes in hitting the “Buy” button and hoping that all the action will immediately download to your brain like in a sci-fi movie… please don’t buy.

If, however, you’re someone who is genuinely committed to your success, isn’t afraid of putting in a good 20-30 minutes of solid effort each day and isn’t afraid to ask for support in private Facebook Groups or live calls… then JOIN. I promise that you won’t regret it - and I can assure you that I’ll be 100% on your side to help you make this happen.

How do I know if I’m a good fit for this?

The best way to know for sure is to hop on the phone with me so we can have a conversation about it. But let me simplify it for you.

If you’re an ambitious, hardworking woman who is tired to play small in her business but you’re now eager to step up, please apply.

If you settled for less in a job you don’t love because you didn’t feel confident enough to step outside of your comfort zone but you want this 2019 be the year you grew and discovered your talents, definitely apply.

If you have a big dream for your business but you’re not seeing your efforts recognised, please apply.

If your self-doubts hold you back from speaking up your concerns and you want to share your valuable input with others who need it, please apply.

If you are a talented multi-passionate entrepreneur looking to discover her unique zone of genius and promote confidently her value, definitely apply.

Still not sure? Book a free call here and we’ll figure out if this is the right fit for you.

I’ve been burned by a lot of bad investments and to be honest, I’m a little scared to pull the trigger… help?

It comes down to this: you either believe this will get you results, or you don’t. You believe in your ability to maximise this investment or you don’t.

You believe in my ability to help you or you don’t. I’m not here to twist your arm, I just know damn well that anyone who joins and uses the resources they’re given will BLOOM in their business in the next 6 months.

So I know that you might be in between a rock and a hard place right now - and I really do get it. If money is the issue - just email me or book a free call here.

What if I am unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy! If you can show you’ve done the work and are still unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a 50% refund.

“Nico is a fantastic coach, she has helpful ideas and thinks outside the box on any issue you bring to her.” Gina B.

You have a choice…

You can keep doing the same things you have done so far, and keep getting the same results you’ve been getting (if you’re still reading this page, I’m guessing those results haven’t been great)...

Or, you can draw a line in the sand, put your foot down, and say ENOUGH already with playing small.

You’re ready to own your talents in a HUGE way to level up your business in the next 6 months and beyond.

So what will it be?

You haven’t come this far…just to come this far.