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Imagine what the world would look like with more women in charge.

More women running companies. More women making policy. More women leading conversations. More women changing how society operates, from the inside out.

We know that when more women become leaders or make key decisions, our companies and communities work better.

The world needs women like you.

Are you an ambitious woman ready for your dream career?

But what’s stopping us from taking our seat at the table?

As women, we tend to underestimate our abilities. To shy away from that promotion because we think we aren’t ready. To stay silent instead of raising our hand.

Our lack of confidence means we miss out on opportunities. And we settle for less than the dream career we know, deep down, we deserve.

I’m here to empower more women with the confidence to succeed.


I’m Nicoletta Mura,

a Confidence Coach for ambitious women who are tired of settling for less.

While working in a mostly male corporate environment, I consistently moved up the ranks in my company. In just 3 years, I went from soft-spoken and timid to managing a team of 25 people.

Now I coach other goal-oriented, action-takers like you with what I learned. I learned to build my confidence muscle to achieve my dream career. And I can help you do the same.


“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” ― Audre Lorde

Stop settling. Start achieving.

Here’s how I can help:

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The Confidence Tribe on FB

Are you an ambitious woman, ready to work hard to unlock your confidence? Are you fed up with settling for less and would love to achieve your goals with enthusiasm and energy?

Are you a woman in leadership or aspiring to be? Are you open to support other women like you while they flex their confidence muscle?

This is a free group on Facebook and a great start if you are looking for a supportive community.


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Poise to Shine Podcast

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Confidence has never been this easy to develop!


1 to 1 Coaching

How about a concrete, straight to the point, applicable methodology that you can start applying right now to become the confident leader that you know, deep down, you already are?

This programme teaches women like you how to overcome their own critical self-talk so that they can finally focus on maximising their strengths and empower themselves. They can embrace their #goalgetter attitude and go after their ambitions without second guessing themselves or doubting if they deserve the amazing life they are creating.

What is confidence worth to you?

It’s one thing to believe in confidence but it’s another to FEEL confident and to grab success by the horns without apologies or doubts.

Here’s what my lovely coachees say about working with me:

I worked with her for over a year and I was very lucky to have met her at a pivotal point in my career.
She showed me the opportunities and tools to explore new opportunities, and monitored my progress closely, pushing me to develop my abilities and to extend my comfort zone.
— Robin
I started talking to Nicoletta and a bizarre thing bubbled up inside me like a big strong force of myself. Her program has been inspiring and she has been so generous with her time and provided a warm friendly place to talk. I’m feeling awesome now!
— Claire
Nicoletta deeply cares about not only her own goals, but about the goals, strengths and weaknesses of those who she is working with, and I would strongly recommend her as an example of a smart, strong-willed, passionate and inspirational leader in the management world.
— Roman
Approachable and determined, Nico is a coach and leader you’ll never fail to enjoy interacting with if you like getting things done.
— Doug

Let’s build career success on your terms.

Join my community of boldly ambitious women on a mission and instantly get access to my Flex Your Confidence course today!