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To succeed in business as well as in life, we need strong allies in our corner. We need a TRIBE to keep us focused and motivated, to support us when we need to be encouraged, to push us to do better when we’re getting complacent of our results. I created The Confidence Tribe as a free private community where you can find those allies and much more!

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Tara Mohr wrote an inspiring guide for all the women who want to step into greatness, challenge themselves and the status-quo, build assertiveness while remaining themselves. I bought this book for several other women and they all loved it because it's real, based on experience and studies and above all it has practical and applicable advice. Thanks to Tara, I became more confident, outspoken and effective in my communication. Read this book today, you'll not regret it!


year of yes by shonda rhimes

Shonda Rhimes is a fantastic woman, writer and above all an inspiring human being. Shonda is the creative brain behind some famous TV show as Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, used to prefer her own company to social events and avoided public speaking for long time until.... the "year of yes". Shonda adopted a new approach, started to push herself outside of her comfort zone and in this book she tells a funny, auto-ironic recount of what happened when she said Yes to life. Read it, listen to it as audiobook or borrow it from your library. Shonda will feel like an old friend after a few pages.


presence by amy cuddy

Have you ever wished for a magic wand to infuse you with confidence just before an interview? Look no further than Presence by Amy Cuddy. Amy explains how to build a solid self-esteem using her own life experience as starting point of a crazy journey. I started using "power poses" in the restroom before an interview, I re-watched multiple times her TED Talk speech and linked it to any woman I knew who was struggling with impostor syndrome and lack of confidence. I strongly advise this book if you're looking to kick start your journey towards a life rooted in the present moment, fully living each day as your best self.