hi there, I'm Nicoletta!

Your vibrant, friendly Coach wrapped in a no bullshit package.

I help women who are business leaders or entrepreneurs go from overwhelmed, chocked by their to-do list to organised and in control of their time by supporting them with coaching to gain clarity on their priorities and to develop healthy boundaries while they apply a tailored action plan. 
They can enjoy work, be more productive and finally create a work-life balance suited to their needs and priorities. They will be successful in work and feel successful in life. 


Confidence is taking action. It's an habit to nurture every day.

And you, yes YOU darling, have the key to unlock your new life!

know that you are ready to change your life? 

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Are you a woman executive, business leader or entrepreneur who feels like there are issues holding you back? 

Are you frustrated with feeling like you can't cope?
Have you been struggling to achieve personal and professional goals?
Do you put in extra time, effort and hours at work just to feel successful?
You often worry you'll be "found out" as being unable to do your job?

Would you like to feel more confident and more motivated so that you can enjoy work (and life) more?

Do you want to be able to manage the pressure, grow your business and yet still switch off for family time or weekends without worrying about those emails, that to-do list or feeling it's lonely at the top?

I'm an ex-corporate manager and I really know about ‘staying calm under pressure’ and not showing how you really feel! I know too, about juggling work with home life, family and everyday life pressure.

Working with me will help you:
- streamline your thought processes so you can set a clear direction
- create clarity and focus so you can remove blocks, barriers and confusion
- confidently speak up and showcase your best self
- feel calm and composed in those stressful situations
- adopt personalised tools and techniques that work for you and your lifestyle
- clearly manage your expectations (and those of others around you) 
- set healthy boundaries so you can switch off the phone or laptop and enjoy holidays and family time.

If your current ways of coping and dealing with pressure are not working for you, then isn't it time you invested in some help to get you to your best self? 

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